Find A Hairdressing School


If you like working with people and have an eye for beauty and style, then becoming a hairdresser may be your target career goal. The beauty industry has been around since the origin of man with no signs of slowing down or fading away. Everyone wants to be their best and will pay whatever it takes to look and feel great.

A hairdresser career may take many paths, from owning your own salon to working part time hours around your active lifestyle. Never a dull moment in the beauty biz, a hairdresser has the chance to meet new challenges with every client and push their creative energy to the limit.

The national average base pay for a hairdresser is upwards of $12 an hour, with tips and commissions to bolster the monthly intake. Hair care professionals who opt to work in a salon for others may enjoy a carefree hairdressing career without worry to operating costs, self promotion or paying out business taxes. On the other hand, being the boss has its advantages with unlimited income from multiple salon locations, freedom to work in your shop or not, and a stroke for the entrepreneurial ego that has opened a valuable business to serve his or her community. Upon graduation from hairdressing school, a spunky soon-to-be salon operator can be up and running in no time.

The hairdresser entrepreneur does need to take into account added start-up costs to include local marketing expenses, employee payroll, product overhead and commercial real estate ownership or leasing. Whether you enjoy running the show or playing a vital part in someone else’s salon, a beauty career from a quality hairdressing school can carry you for life. The beauty professional commands respect and can work in almost any country around the world when trained at the best hairdressing school they can find.

Enroll in a Hairdressing Training Program

The first step to become a hairdresser is to enroll in a hairdressing school to gain expert instruction on all aspects of the business. The courses include, but are not limited to, cutting, styling, coloring, tinting, eyebrow shaping, barber skills for men, and a comprehensive study outline to succeed in operating your own salon. Small business ownership courses, along with specific classes for hairdressers include securing a piece of property, hiring employees, promoting your shop through print media and local cable advertising, and creating a functional and appealing layout for a hair salon or studio. The hairdressing school will walk you through all the industry courses and prepare you to take the state licensing exam upon graduation.

What a hairdressing school cannot teach is the inner qualities that make a good stylist. A hairdresser is more than a person who does the “do”. He or she should be able to bond with their customer base, be an excellent communicator, an even better listener, and be ready to lend a friendly word of advice when the situation arises. When a beauty client comes back to the same hair dresser over and over again, there is an element of trust and understanding between the two, elevating the hairdresser to companion and friend. The personality that can reach out to others and make a pal in a New York Minute will go a long way with a mounting client base and many referrals. Sure the beauty business sells style and grace, but most of all, you sell yourself.

The beauty industry is akin to any other artistic outlet, attracting the best and the brightest with a flair for hair care and the tenacity to enroll in hairdressing school. Each individual that can contribute to the beauty business brings something special to the table that no one else can offer. Vision, concept and the ability to understand what the client wants makes the hairdresser a unique breed of artist that can do wonders with almost any situation. A trained beauty technician will understand his or her client’s needs and be able to work magic with all hair types, lengths, base colors and styling.

Like any other ongoing career, the hairdresser is never done learning or expanding their beauty skills. Hairdressing school is your foundation for success, however, you will continue to grow with skill and artistry each and every year. As fine wine matures over the years, so does a talented hairdresser who can flow with the trends and re-create themselves for a new styling era.

A competitive hairdressing school may have a financial aid department to assist new and continuing hairdresser students with their educational funding. State and federal loans may be available to those who qualify, and some grant money may be up for grabs on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to learn more about a career in this exciting and lucrative industry, contact a licensed hairdressing school admissions counselor for a no cost or no obligation introduction on what the beauty school can do for you.

Research Hairdresser Schools

Enrolling in hairdressing school may occur early in life or be a viable career change later in life. There is no time like the present to investigate your options and find a hairdressing school that is right for you. In demand and located nationwide, you are sure to find a quality hairdressing school near you.